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Our project is created for the community Bitcoin network of Bitcoin crypto currency holders and those who want to buy high-quality artwork of the first magnitude leading artists of the post-war generation for the Bitcoins.

The purchase procedure is as simple as possible. You choose the artwork you like, place it in the cart and form a request for purchase. After receiving your request, our manager will contact you. If you live in the same city where the artwork is physically located, then you can arrange a appointment to view the artwork. If you will be buy online, our manager will send you all the necessary information about artwork, condition report and additional high resolution photos.

After discussing the terms of delivery and the formation of documents for purchase, you will receive a unique Bitcoin receiving address of the purse of the recipient for the transfer of Bitcoins. The moment of sending Bitcoins from your purse to the purse of the recipient (our resource) will be either the physical receipt of the artwork in the office of our company, or the physical transfer of the artwork by the your authorized delivery company (you). Thus, you are cleared from any fraudulent actions of any persons and receive the artwork you have chosen at the same time of transfer your Bitcoins to our purse.

Welcome to register the deal.